Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What I'm Doing

At the moment I'm at school, doing year 12 and to be honest all my classes are really quite easy, mostly because they're all arty classes. I'm doing Design Tech, where I'll be doing textiles and making a suit for my good friend Bennie that he'll model for my at the fashion awards later this year. I'm also doing Studio Art (of course) and my theme is (of course) wearable art, I don't have as many ideas as i need to since we're expected to hand in 10 pieces, I'm making a crazy cool gown for my beautiful model-looking friend Melissa and she will also be strutting her stuff on the catwalk at the fashion awards in Weribee. Ahhh, also I'm doing a revamp of dodgy looking secondhand clothes I picked up from the local oppy, that my prettyfull friends will receive because I don't think any of the stuff i plan to make will look very flattering on me.
So as i do them I'll post them up here for everyone to look at, if anyone even looks at this.
I would put pictures up of things I have done in the past few years but I'm not sure i have any decent photos..

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