Saturday, February 19, 2011

The [Mc]Queen himself

Living in rural Victoria, i generally don't get to the city as often as i would like. And on my visits i try to keep away from Collin Street, to save myself the heartache of not being able to afford the beautifully crafted items that the many designer stores have to offer.

However On my most recent visit I decided to go have a bit of a window shop, which is all i could my bank account would allow. The first store is the always classy Chanel, which has me longing for the classic "Flap Bag" even more than usual.

The next store down is Miss Louise, one that i had never been interested to look at before for some unknown reason because when i got a few window displays down i stopped in my tracks by the most beautiful thing i have ever come across, it was, in fact a display of clutches and shoes, by the oh so brilliant "Alexander McQueen"  
I was i awe because-I'm a little ashamed to admit-i have never seen any of these in person before and although there was a sheet of glass between me and these works of art its a hell of a lot better than looking at them through a computer screen.

I later realised that it's been just over a year that Lee took his own life, so this is my tribute to the genius that was Lee Alexander McQueen, his legacy will live on.

McQueen's Last Stand: Fall 2010 Ready-To-Wear

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